Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ideas Everywhere

I like knitting. It makes me happy and hyper.
It also gives me inspiration, not art inspiration sadly (still in a large art block on that front sadly) but inspiration, for more knitting! Makes sense? No? Oh well.

What I mean is, as I get more sucked into knitting, I want to do more interesting pieces. I want to add other things that I like into knitting. Nerdy things for example. I really want to make some TRON[: Legacy] inspired pieces, which would be my first attempt at real color knitting. As well as Mass Effect pieces too, Commander Sherpard's original armor as a sweater for example. I'm all over the place with nerdy knitting ideas.

But as I plan, and have nothing else really to say, have some pictures of the projects I was talking about in my last post.

(This is me trying to be interesting in my knitting pictures.)

Monday, July 25, 2011

But It Has No Pictures!

Yes, a photo-less entry, for a few reasons.
One, I'm at a friend's house. (It's currently past midnight and she is playing Dead Space while I'm farting about on the laptop.) And two...well mostly because I'm at a friend's house and didn't bring my camera.

But I am on a roll. I've finished the gusset on the second sock of a pair that I've been knitting on and off four 7 months, at least. Of course I only know this because on another blog type thing, I was talking about knitting on them...and that entry was 7 months ago...I swear I'm normally not that slow in knitting socks, I swear.

The real news I want to talk about though, is that when I was reading the other day, I think a knitting blog or something, I had an epiphany.

First, let me tell you a story. I had once gotten this yarn, which is a story for another day as it was a frustrating battle to find the right color that I wanted. The yarn thought was Malabrigo Worsted, and it's lovely. I wanted to knit a hat out of it, and so I did. A basic beanie hat to keep my head warm during the lovely Maine winter. Thought I had made all the perfect measurements, but I knitted it too short. Sadly, I ripped back and decided to knit it again, it really didn't take that long in the first place anyway.
Knit it again, lengthening it....and knitting it too short. Again.
After a little tantrum, I bitterly threw the hat onto my book shelf and left it there for months.

Now this epiphany was an idea to make it longer, without having to knit it all over. Which is to just pick up the stitches on edge of the hat and just knit from there. Making it long enough and make me a happy camper.  (Of course it is a simple idea, but I felt like a genius when I thought it up.)

Alas, I have lost the original ball of Malabrigo.

Which is around 11 dollars a skein.

I'm a sad Kenzie. Hopefully it'll turn up...somewhere.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shifty Eyes

...Don't mind the nerd in the corner, typing in her blog that she has neglected for months.
Insert shifty eyes.

Well, time to get back into the groove I would say! I'm knitting furiously again and feel the need to tell the world! (and by world, I mean the empty internet known as my knitting blog. I suppose it's better than boring my friends with all the actually amazing details of new yarn I've bought.)

So as everyone should know, unless you don't live in any type of society or connection to the internet (how are you reading this then?) you should know that the final Harry Potter movie has come out, and all the fans are all a flutter. I am a large HP fan, though not as die hard as some friends, and very laidback when it comes to seeing the movies.
I actually haven't even seen Part 1 of the 7th book adaptation. Though wishing I did, so I can go see this final one in the theaters. (Saw the first one in theaters, want to see the last one in theaters. You know, for memory sake.)
I'm mentioning this, because with all the Harry Potter delight going around the internet and sites that I love to frequent, I've had an inspiration to finally knit some Hogwarts House Scarves. Not just for me, but for basically all my friends that like the books/movies. (This is quite a lot mind you.)

Of course, it also means that I've had to become a sorting hat and figure out which House all my friends belong in! (Thanks to mulitple different websites about the history and characteristics preferred in each House,  and the help of more friends, I think I've got them all down.)

So meet the first scarf;

(Don't mind the icky photo, like I said, it's 90+ degrees up here in Maine.)
It's my friend Wren's Hufflepuff scarf to be! This picture is quite outdated, as I've made much more progress on it since the picture was taken. 

Now just to do;
1 more Hufflepuff scarves
1 Ravenclaw scarf (mine!)
1 Slytherin scarf
2 Gryffindor scarves

Probably will make more, but these are for my close friends who are fans. c:

Happy Knitting and hopefully will blog much sooner than before!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finished Items!

I actually have some finished items to show!

First off, the socks.

Yep, that's me failing at feet modeling. I don't think that will be one of my possible careers in the future.

But anyway, look! My first pair of knitted socks ever! This makes me very proud, that I could actually do this! Happy Happy Kenzie. (Even though I messed up on the toe of the second sock, but it looks fine, plus I doubt anyone will be really looking when I wear these.
My next pair should hopefully be much better.

Then today I spent most of the day knitting, working on a Christmas present, and actually finished one! (The first of a pair of fingerless gloves) Which I am also quite proud of, because it was my first time doing an afterthought thumb and cables!

Hopefully I'll be able to finish the other one quite soon, then I'll have my first full Christmas gift done.

Also ordered my first ball winder today. Excirated.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Found the Charger!

I finally found my camera charger and have proceeded to charge my camera while I was at the bookstore today. So this post shall actually have yummy yarn porn in it, aha.

First off, I got some of my Christmas knitting yarn in the mail the other day (Friday I think?) which I am very excited to start knitting with it.

The two balls at the top are Cascade 220 Superwash wool, which I'll be using to make some striped mittens and maybe a hat if I have enough left over. The other two skeins, the light green one will be a pair of fingerless gloves and the darker one will be a beret. Both are the normal Cascade 220 wool.

Also today I got another ball of yarn to make my Father a nice warm little scarf.

It's Lion Bran Yarn Wool-Ease super bulky yarn, I chose it because actually earlier in the year he had picked it up and said he would wear a scarf made out of that. At least I think this was the color he liked, I went with it because it would work with most of what he would wear. (He is actually very upset to be not matching.) Also the picture doesn't show it but there are little flecks of browns in there too.

The infamous first pair of socks are very close to being done. I am just about 2 or so more rounds away from starting the toe and I'll be done with the second sock! That blog post will actually probably come up later tonight. (Or early tomorrow morning to be more exact. Since it's already 11pm)

Otherwise, I have been dying to knit all Thanksgiving break, but haven't had the chance because I've been working on AP History make up work. But once this weekend it over, I'll finally be free of the make up work and be able to dedicate more time to knitting! Thank goodness!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I Fail

I indeed fail at keeping up with a blog, let alone this blog, a knitting blog!
Mostly because I'm having trouble keeping up with my knitting.

Currently on my needles are those socks, yes the socks that I keep talking about, the socks that I swear I'm going to finish soon. Yeah. I'm on the foot of the second sock, so I am in text; "almost done with the socks." Mentally though? I'm an light years away.

I also have a Christmas/Birthday scarf on the needles, which is actually quite close to being finished. That most likely will be done either this week or next.

A hat is also on the needles, this one was for myself, but I think I may frog it for now and save it for later. Since I may actually want to knit a quick hat for the winter season. (I seem to have lost my first hat I've knitted.) But who knows, I might just finish it. It's a really quick knit anyway.

I believe that's all on the needles. But, I still have to worry about Christmas knitting. I need to knit one pair of mittens for a special someone, a matching hat to that Christmas/Birthday scarf. Plus, I even wanted to knit a pair of socks for someone too. (We know that most likely isn't going to happen.)

Oh, not to mention I am swamped with school work.
I just recently switched into AP History, and have to complete all the work they had done before I moved into the class plus keep up with the current work we were doing.

All the work has to be done right after Thanksgiving Break, which is next week. (We have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off)Which should hopefully be enough time to get all of this crap done.

Then I will be able to knit in peace, finally.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Days like this

These are the days that make me proud and very happy to be a knitter.

Here is the setting, an October evening in Maine, a football game, wind.
It was freezing compared to what it has been, not the coldest, it will get colder, but it was pretty darn cold.

I wore my nice alpaca scarf and matching hat to the game, and almost as soon as got to the band section where all my friends were did they scream at me for said scarf and hat.

Now to finish some socks, as I cannot feel my toes.